The Long Road Home (Chapter #4)

  • This is an original story, and all characters and plot elements are pending copywrite of my mother.
  • This is the original draft of the story, and as such none of the spelling or grammer has been corrected (yet). The purpose of posting here is both to plug her excellent writing and to poke at her to finish the damn thing.

Jake couldn't sleep. He paced his room for hours thinking about the woman he had confined down the hall. He knew he shouldn't have let his anger show so clearly. That had been a mistake.

He had meant to appear reassuring and sympathetic. Hell he had even been prepared to get down on his knees and beg her for her help until Ben had arrived before she had woken up from her drugged sleep.

Running his hands once more thru his mussed hair he threw his head back and rolling it from side to side tried to unknot some of the muscles in his tight neck and shoulders. He still had trouble dealing with the shock and anger that had flowed through him at the sight of his brother as the attendants had gently led him out of the small plane at his private airstrip. He had been told what to expect by Dr. Prescott who had been working with Ben. He had made it clear to Jake that Ben had regressed since the last time Jake had seen him but nothing could have prepared him for the vacant eyed stare he had received as Ben was brought over to him. There had been no sign of recognition in his dull blue eyes even after Jake had called his name and hugged him closely. It had torn his heart out as Ben had stood passively in his arms, his mind remaining locked inside his own personal hell.

Jake had settled him in the dusty rover and assuring the attendants he could take care of his brother for a few weeks quickly drove up to the main house and settled Ben comfortably into his old room.

Hindsight now making it clear that he should have waited until his emotions were under better control before seeing Cat, he could only hope that he hadn't entirely blown his plans.

Clinching his fists in frustration he threw himself down on his bed. Why did the key to his brother's possible recovery had to be in the hands of that unfeeling little bitch. Without her cooperation his once chance of ending his brother's nightmares would be lost, maybe forever.

Giving a tired sigh he tried to relax his taught body to the soft contours of the bed but after tossing and turning a while he finally gave it up and walked softly in his socked feet down the hall and stood in the open doorway of Cat's room.

Her wrist was still securely attached to the beds strong frame and her arm hung limply over the edge. In repose she looked ten years younger as the lines had smoothed from her face leaving a sense of childlike innocence. As he stood watching her, her body become restless and lines of strain appeared on her face. Beads of perspiration broke out on her forehead and upper lip as her eyes shifted back and forth in her sleep.

Whatever she was dreaming about was obviously not pleasant and he could only hope that it wasn't caused by the actions he had taken. He needed her help not her enmity. Softly he turned back into the hall and gliding over to his brother's room softly opened the door and slipping inside walked over to where Brad sat keeping watch over Ben while he slept.

Jake motioned to him that he could leave and get some sleep.

Giving him a grateful smile, Brad quietly got up and closed the door softly behind him as he left.

Jake sat down in the vacated chair and studied his brother's sleeping figure. A small smile of amusement tugged at his lips as he watched Ben's long legs dangle over the end of his bed. Both he and his brother had outgrown their beds early on. Five years apart in age Ben had grown and caught up to his older brother when he was just twelve. Mom still had a hard time figuring out where they had come by their giraffe legs as she had fondly called them.

Sitting there close beside his brother thinking about the good times they had spent together Jake finally relaxed and nodded off.

Two hours later a loud scream of fear and anguish seared through his brain. Jake jerked his head from the back of the chair and watched in horror as Ben scrambled off the bed and tried to run through the wall. Hitting it hard with his outstretched hands he slumped to the floor, crouching with his back to the wall making sounds like a hurt puppy.

Talking softly, soothingly, Jake gathered his brother's quivering body into his arms and sitting on the floor rocked and held him, tears sliding down his own lean cheeks, until Ben finally became quiet and fell into a natural sleep again.

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