Following are some links to some of my own favorite fan fiction stories and archives, online web comics, and whatever else I've decided to plug to the masses today.

Favorite Fanfic Stories

Children Of An Elder God by John Biles & Rod M.
Goddess In The Mirror by Bart Kelsey & Thomas
Like Fish To A Cat by Richard Lawson
On A Clear Day You Can See Forever by Mark MacKinnon
Sailor Nothing by Stefan "Two Flower" Gagne
Teineina Tenshi No Teze by Fire

Fan Fiction & Writing Archives

The Penultimate Ranma Index maintained by Rakhal Stormwarden

Online Web Comics

Broken Plot Device
Day by Day
Devil's Panties
Dresden Codak
Girl Genius
Girls with Slingshots
Questionable Content
Romantically Apocalyptic
Sabrina Online
Templar, Arizona
Three Panel Soul
Wapsi Square

Other Places of Interest

1&1 Hosting
The Soulriders Forum created and maintained by Dracos