Comments from the fanfic author...

After fielding a lot of questions about this particular fanfic series, I figured I would try and save myself a little time by typing this intro up. Hopefully, it will have its intended effect...

The location that Section 9 operates within is Hong Kong, one of the major cities of China, and not within Japan itself. There are a couple reasons for this. First, that was the location used during the first Ghost In The Shell movie. Secondly, it conveniently gave me an opening to continue the fanfic in a native Japanese setting, while still treating it as a new unit (used for "Saigo Gumi").

As for the many questions sent to me in regards to numerous characters present in the manga (and now TV series), all I can say is "Sorry." The original movie was my first experience with the entire Ghost In The Shell storyline and genre, and as such has always been the most influencing on me. I've probably watched it a hundred times by now, as it was one of the first Japanese anime DVDs I ever purchased. While I do plan to eventually incorporate elements later on that are distinctly from the manga and TV series, the original movie will still continue to be my most base material.

Tabyk - July 14th, 2003