Fan Fiction

Listed here are a few of the fanfics I have written over the years, generally based off of Japanese anime shows, and most touching on Ranma ½ (which, oddly enough, I've read and watched very little of). Oh, and yes, I am aware that most of these aren't finished. There are a great many reasons as to why this is the case, but for now I shall just say, "Deal with it."

A Child's Prayer

In the original story Ranma had had more then his share of luck, especially when it came to the various training methods that were employed by his father. This short explores an alternative, and much less pleasant, possibility...

Air Ranma

Just another Ranma ½ story, only with one SMALL difference....

Diary of a Mature Child

A possible continuation of A Child's Prayer.

Doll Hobby

Proof that the occasional hobby can be useful as well...

Future Memories

In the alternative year of 2022 there is a world where technology and power clash with poverty and anguish. Join us as we discover that no matter how hard people run away from each other, they will ultimately end up together.


A brief story exploring the possible future for one of the greatest martial artists to ever live.

Only A Moment

Everyone has that one hobby, that one thing, that they truly enjoy when they have a free moment. The question is, who... and what?

Saigo Gumi

Forever changed, Saotome Ranma finally returns home. However, a struggle for power has just begun within the very heart of Japan, and Ranma finds himself thrust into a questionable role with the hopes that he will do what he always does... the impossible.

Speaking of Horses

A quick little bit explaining exactly WHY Tendo Akane was so reluctant to be engaged to the boy she met in a furo.